Nov 2019 Product Review by: SUTD Gunpla Club – HGBD Earthree Gundam

Gundam Earthree Review

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Gundam Build Divers’ Gunpla kits have always been a hit or miss when it comes to combining design, gimmicks, and articulation. At times, it achieves a nice balance, but this kit is not one of them. I’m McMegane from SUTD Gunpla Club and today’s review is about one of Hiroto’s Planet series Gundam: Gundam Earthree(reeeeeeeeeeee)!!


Here is what you get in the box:


There are a total of 6 runners (counting all effect parts and polycaps), which mostly consists of brand new runners for the Core Gundam, as well as the PLANETS System Earth Armour with a relatively small sheet of stickers for better color accuracy.

For this review, I will be talking about Core Gundam on its own first before going in-depth on the Earthree Gundam itself.

The Core Gundam


This mini-kit can be a hit or miss for many people due to how disproportionate it looks. However, I am personally alright with the design. This is one of the occasion where its PV doesn’t do its justice. You need to see it and play around with it in person to understand that this is a great kit on its own.


I also like how it reminds me of the MkII Gundam with its colour scheme with a nice clear turquoise on its chest. It would be nice if Bandai included a silver sticker to put underneath the clear part to make it stand out even more.

Speaking of stickers, the colour correcting stickers in this kit are almost non-existent but can be hard to apply for some people. Just make sure to have some cotton buds and a hobby knife which will make applying these stickers much easier.



This is where the kit can get frustrating for some people. The build quality is fantastic but the nub placement for this kit is just plain awful!! Many locations require you to be very careful when shaving off the nub as most of the parts are quite small and some are very obvious out of the box (looking at you saber storage) which makes it hard to fix any missteps.

However, it is worth the effort as the kit is very solid, with no loose dangly parts (with the exception of the thruster, which keeps popping off)



Being the first kit in the Diver Re:Rise line, it does not have a lot of accessories but is more than enough to play around with. Core on its own comes with: 1 Core spray gun, 1 Core shield, and 2 beam saber handles with 4 beam effects parts (not in picture): 2 long and 2 short. The shield is unique in that the shield handle is positioned to be held like a gun…. which is very odd as it makes posing with the shield very awkward.


Other than that issue, it’s a blast posing this kit


This is where this kit shines the brightest. This kit’s articulation is so good that it can do yoga. However, this makes its flaws hurt even more.


Pretty standard rotation and tilt, with a very good double joint that can do the chicken head move.


The shoulders can swivel back and forth and be put as close to the head as possible. This is due to the lack of the shoulder armour. The shoulder joint can be pulled out from the torso for even more insane articulation. However, this feature is more for the transformation



Very good. With the close-to-perfect double elbow bend and 90 degree upward swing, this kits arms can be posed quite well.



Can swivel without any hindrance but… it does not have an ab crunch!! The lack of skirt parts enables a full range of thigh articulation.


The range of articulation on this kit’s legs is incredible due to the lack of skirt armour. The kit’s small frame also allows it to do some insane yoga poses. However, it lacks rotation at its ankle which is understandable.




The only moving part is the beam saber storage which can turn a perfect 180 degree which plays a part in the transformation.

Overall, a very fun kit to play around with, especially with Earth Unit!!


Now, let’s move on to the main part of the kit: Earthree Gundam!!

The Earthree Gundam



The transformation is simple yet fun to do every time especially when you consider that you are using the armour pieces from Earth Armour to construct the Earthree. It can be a hassle at the beginning, but enjoyable once you get used to it.


This kit looks great. Despite looking like a slimmer version of Gundam AGE 3 Normal, you gotta give props to Bandai by making essentially 2 MS in a kit which gives off totally different vibes from each other.

But where Earthree really shine is its versatility together with the Planet fighter unit, as it can be a base for many cool customizations that utilize older kits such as Destiny custom Earthree. We might be doing one of our own as well (*wink* foreshadow *wink*).


Sadly being a basic kit, the inclusion of weapons is minimal. Earthree’s only additional accessories are additional attachment on the spray gun and Core shield.


However, there is a gimmick to these additional parts as they can combined into a Megablast mode. He can pull the pose off with little to no effort!



Earthree inherits most of the articulation from its Core form with a few additional articulation points as well as limitations.

For limitation, Earthree has slightly lesser backward leg moment due to the presence of skirt armour. This also apply to its shoulders which are now limited by the chest armour.


However, it gains more articulation at the legs as Core’s feet become the knee joint and the Earth armour’s feet feature great articulation.



Build: 6/10

Appearance: 9/10

Articulation: 8/10

Transformation: 8/10

Accessories: 6/10

Overall:  7/10

As one of the starting kits of the new Build Divers Re:Rise series, Earthree did a lot of things right with its design, gimmick, and articulation. However, the lack of torso poseability and accessories as well as bad nub placement really puts a damper on this kit’s greatness. Despite that, I can guarantee that you will have a blast posing and customizing this kit, as it has much potential for customization!

This is McMegane, signing out.





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    SUTD Gunpla Club


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